Is Investart right for you?

Unlocking investments for world-class teams

Investart will give the user a complete cashflow which includes projections based on users market assumptions. The software will also allow you to visualize tenant rolls, projected annual cap rate, internal rate of return (IRR), tenant mix and more. Below are only some of the users who can benefit from this software.

Why Investart?

Investart is a modern real estate cashflow platform that allows users to quickly analyse and value properties easily and accurately.

Intuitive Design

Investart simplifies the real estate analysis and valuation process by minimizing the inputs required to create a cashflow. This allows the user to quickly visualize the financial metrics required to make decisions.

Secure Storage

All your analysis is store safely in the cloud. This allows for quicker collaboration and easier organization. There are no files being shared back and forth which minimizes errors and streamlines the decision making process.

Deal Analytics

Investart allows you to visualize all the relevant financial matrics that you need quickly to make a decision. All your analysis can be done directly on the site. However, all the outputs can be exported to excel in order to continue using your own models should you chose.